Elekxon La Muerte 2

darkness embraced her.
the chilling breath of loneliness sent shivers down her spine as she clutched her growling bowels.
the kind of loneliness you feel amidst everyone.
numbing sense of solitude.
she needs to feed.
anything would do.
rotten, warm, cold, what ever was left, she’d gladly stuff into her trap.
she staggered towards a crowd of trashcans as hunger slowly clasped its claws around her consciousness.
lightheaded, she dragged her feet towards the backstage where she wiggled her way through the cheering crowd.
no one seemed to notice the corpse slowly cutting through their midst.
nobody cared to look down at her.
all they cared about was bathing in the warmth of the speaker’s lies.
they cheered at every promise, clapped at every jeer thrown at the opposition, raised their hands to salute the hidden stench of what was happening in front of them.
no, they didn’t dare miss anything that went out of his mouth, they ate his words, drank them like honey, not for this sad mirage amongst them, no.
she didn’t care either.
about anything and anyone.
all that matters now is the promise of anything edible in the pile of rubbish that awaits her.
one extra large fried chicken special with extra large fries at the side, please.


About delamorte

Eherm... A boy with a soiled face who's spent 23 pathetic years trying to make a difference... An old man trying to talk his way out of his own cage... And the Seer who's trying to poise these two alter egos' rage... You won't find anything interesting enough in me to ask about my real life facts. Trust me, things will get more and more boring once you take that path. Disclaimer : These are just random rants and stories cooked-up out of boredom and prolonged stages of catatonia. Please feel free to troll/criticize my works, i am but a poor soul trying to find my way out of this miserable phase some of you call life, your critiques shall serve as my guiding light.
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