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Perdants, problème?

horrah. we won the championship. it was worth it. wew. i would’ve happily embraced the Reaper after that final cross.that fateful cross.weeeeee.haha. ~ it’s just sad that it had to end with such awkwardness.i wanted to hug them. i would … Continue reading

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who will save u…

who will save us? when our worlds collide, who will redeem us from ourselves? when we’re both too tired to speak, who will ease our doubts? who will save us?

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I eat clovers for breakfast, bastard. Who are you to tell me how to do my work. Luck of the draw? Well, fuck you, sir. I hope you and your precious lap dog rot in hell.

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Do you get any …

Do you get any satisfaction from the fact that somebody, if not everybody, hates you and curses your existence? Does it pleases you everytime someone spits at your name? You know your worth. You know that you will never be … Continue reading

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