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brittle fingerstainted beyond recognitionentangled and impotentuseless clawing for redemptionthey make love with the blacks and the whites in futility they have witnessed horror after horrorhave grasped death itself and bathed in unclean crimson putrid fingersrotten beyond salvationstiff and patheticuseless clawing … Continue reading

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Push or Pull?

i miss work during my rest daysand i want to just lay in bed whenever i’m at workugh it sickens methis feeling that i’m runnin in circles in spite of the burning thought that i am runnin out of timethat … Continue reading

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A sudden burst of lucidity

would it be a transgression to ask you to stay Your hand? would it add to my debts if I hope for Your grace? I tried to live without rules, voided my consciousness of the weight of any consequences lived … Continue reading

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